School Covered Walkways

Benefits of a school covered walkway

Being sun safe is about more than making sure you’re covered up when spending extended periods in direct sunlight. Even short periods of exposure can cause significant harm – particularly if they happen regularly, like when walking between classrooms and other school buildings.

Covered walkways can help manage this risk, as they allow your students and staff to safely transit around the campus with minimal direct sun exposure. They can also:

  • Provide protection from inclement weather, like rain and hail.
  • Make it easier and more comfortable for students and staff to move between classes/meetings.
  • Provide clear walkways through and around the school.
  • Define different areas of the playground and outdoor space.
  • Generally make it safer for students to play outside.


Why choose Stylemaster Patios?

Since undertaking our first project in 2006, Stylemaster Patios has completed almost 200 school structures. We work throughout the Sydney Metro, Central Coast, and NSW South Coast area, and have worked with a variety of schools to improve the safety of their students.

Our dedicated school projects team uses only the highest quality materials – including Australian Bluescope Steel – meaning our structures are safe and meet Department of Education standards and guidelines. They’re also extremely low maintenance, do not require painting, and are fire-resistant and termite-proof.

We supply a wide selection of covering options and can work with you to come up with a solution that suits your budget and space. All our products are designed with safety and functionality in mind and can be tailored to your school’s specific needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a covered walkway cost?

The price of your structure will depend on how long you need your walkways to be, the materials used, and any special features you require. Our design team have significant experience working on school projects and understand the importance of delivering both quality and value for money. As such, we can help you come up with a solution that suits your school, fits your budget, and is built to last.

How long does a covered walkway last?

All Stylemaster Patios products are made with the highest quality materials – including Australian Bluescope Steel. This means they are extremely low maintenance, do not require painting, and are fire-resistant and termite-proof. As such, they should continue to safely serve their purpose for many years, without being significantly affected by standard wear and tear.

Does Stylemaster comply with the appropriate standards and guidelines?

All Stylemaster Patios school projects are designed with safety and functionality in mind and are constructed using high-quality materials. As such, they meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, as well as the Department of Education and Training standards and guidelines.

What’s Stylemaster Patios approach to managing safety?

Before works begin, we will provide your School with an OH&S Safety Management Plan. This will be tailored to the specifics of the structure and your site and will provide overall guidance on how we will approach safety throughout the build.
We will also provide safe work method statements, ensure protective barriers are in place and maintained throughout the build, and exclusively engage contractors/subcontractors who are qualified to work on school sites.

Will tradespeople be on-site during school hours?

To help minimise distractions and the impact on standard school operations, we will try to schedule all work outside of school hours. As part of this, where possible, we will aim to complete major construction after hours and during school holidays.
In certain circumstances, we may not be able to keep all works out of hours. However, all our school projects team members are qualified and declared and experienced in working within a school environment.

"Very happy with our new Patio roof. Good choice of materials and colours and very good value for money compared with other quotes we obtained".
Katarina Fulton five stars