Dome Style

Ensuring that the external spaces boast a stylish overhead covering is high on the agenda for anyone completing a garden upgrade. With dome patio Sydney solutions, finding an ideal option for your home becomes a particularly easy task.

The stylish dome patio roof has been a popular answer for many years. Stylemaster Patios continue to help homeowners bring their dreams to life by installing this type of roof. Will you be next?


What is a dome patio roof?

Dome patio designs carry the iconic curved effect, providing coverage over your garden and patio areas. Unlike some alternatives, the solid structures are fixed to several points. This enables them to be erected away from the main building, although they can still connect to the home if preferred.

This type of covering usually offers a translucent overhead appeal. This allows the owner to embrace sunlight without losing privacy or protection against the wind and rain. Dome roofs can be manufactured to almost any dimension due to the design properties of the panel style.

They look great, offer great protection, and let rainwater run away from the middle due to the curved design. With the option to incorporate lighting and electrical features to the inside of that roofing, they are a winning answer for all garden needs.


Where do dome roofs look best?

Dome patio designs are fairly versatile and offer eye-pleasing coverings to any outside area. Nonetheless, they are most commonly installed adjacent to garden terraces and swimming pools. They may also be used over pathways leading away from the property over the patio area.

The dome shape is also suitable for both domestic and commercial parking areas. They can be manufactured to specific dimensions. This is another reason that so many Sydney homeowners choose this option over some of the cheaper alternatives.


The benefits

While dome patio roofing can be a little more expensive than gable styles and some alternatives, there are many things to love about them. The list of positive features include;

Versatility: Regardless of the patio’s specifications, it’s almost certain that the dome style can be designed and installed to suit your needs. Most importantly, it’s proven to bring winning results time and time again

Durability: A great looking patio roof is futile if it isn’t built to last. The stylish dome design doesn’t only stand out from the crowd, but it provides long-term stability. Even when this option isn’t the cheapest solution, it offers fantastic ongoing value.

Practicality: The fact that you can still enjoy the sunlight, and even use a design that allows the gentle breeze to come through is great. Meanwhile, the ability to get light, heat, and electricity underneath is crucial for the modern user.


What next?

Stylemaster Patios is the fastest growing home improvement company in NSW, and we lead the way in providing the latest trends. We believe in providing style, quality, service and value for our customers. We can bring your dream of the perfect garden patio to life with a simple dome installation.

Take the first step by calling our friendly experts to discuss your options today. 

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